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Circle : Die Brust 
Release : Mar/31/2021 
Series : 【R18】癒(Cure)シリーズ
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 393 MB
The ASMR series about relaxing with girls in the workplace has been reincarnated in a fantasy world!
Two magical sister, an aloof necromancer and a sociable alchemist, are here to bring your the very sexiest soothing.
After collapsing in a dangerous forest, you end up living with your savior, Dea the necromancer.
One day an alchemist named Monica comes to visit.
She's Dea's sister, and she says she needs "top-quality semen"!?

A 23 year old girl who lives in a hut in the Forbidden Forest and works as a necromancer.
She's very focused on things that interest her. However, she's very blunt with people since she doesn't have a lot of close relationships.

She's very aloof and mysterious, and he jokes can be truly scary to people that don't realize she's

Her first meeting with you was when she found you passed out in the forest.
At first she thought you were dead, so she took you home with her... but now that she knows you're alive, you help her with her experiments in exchange for food and a warm bed.

Dea's little sister who works as an alchemist.
She lives in a big city very far from the Forbidden Forest.

She's 19 years old, and unlike her sister has a bright and bubbly personality.

As a budding alchemical prodigy, she often relies on the people in her town for help in creating new recipes.
This time, she needs some especially high-quality semen from a willing donor...

Total playback: 2:44:00 + bonus

Yuusa Mibuki
Amu Mochiri

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