Posted by : Kirazu Apr 1, 2021

Circle : Ingohigo 
Release : Mar/29/2021 0
Age Ratings : X-rated
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"This is the Onahole Sex Team!"

One day, you were summoned to a certain room in your school.
A girl in the next year at school was there waiting for you!

"This is our club room. Welcome to the Onahole Sex Team!

"What? Oh no, you didn't mishear. On this team, we teach our members the correct way to have sex.
Think of it as a sport. And we have sex at school, so it's kind of like a team.

Our membership is closed, but you've been chosen. And you've found our secret room, anyway.

On this team, girls and boys pair up and have sex. I think you're probably going to be my partner.

So how about it? want to join?"

And so, you decided to join...
That was the start of your very, VERY enriching school life with your cool senpai as a sex partner!

Total playback: approximately 138 minutes

CV: Yuka Hinata (@yukanyan2525)

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