Posted by : Kirazu Apr 9, 2021

Circle : Braintrigger 
Release : Apr/07/2021 
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 158 MB

You end up transferring to a high school that was just converted from an all-girls school to coed,
and it seems you're the only guy in your new class.
Naturally, things were tough, but with the help of the kind teacher Miki,
and classmates Saori and Yurika, you've slowly adjusted to your new life.

Until one day, in health class, the topic of sex comes up.
Words like "erection" and "ejaculation" set the class aflutter.
I sense eyes on me.
And teacher Miki suggests the class hold some "practical lessons", using me as the Guinea pig...

A harem audio story for those who'd like to enjoy a strangely different slice of youth.
Getting used to a new school, making friends, finding your place, having sex in class...

Foley Sound is incorporated to heighten the sense of realism!

Height: 159cm
Breasts: G-cup

A kind classmate that was the first to greet you to the school.
Cheery, but a little shy.

Height: 155cm
Breasts: F-cup

Your classmate. Is always with Saori.
Rather quiet, but she seems rather interested in you...or your body...

Height; 164cm
Breasts: H-cup

Your homeroom teacher.
Beautiful and caring, she's the spitting image of an ideal teacher.
She's a bit air-headed(?) though...

Total playback time: 80 minutes (main)

Voice Acting: Kaede Hanamiya / Umi Hanyuu / Suzuna

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