Posted by : Kirazu Apr 25, 2021

Circle : Schildkrote 
Release : Apr/21/2021 
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 196 MB
Your tall, and voluptuous childhood friend pins you, and has her way with you.
No matter how much you try to wriggle free or try to escape, she captures you again,
and drowns you in pleasure.

Chinatsu is your childhood friend who lives next door.
She's tall and imposing, but loves small and cute you!
She always teases you, and even stole your first time without your consent.
However, you're so embarrassed that a girl overpowers you, you can't tell anyone.
And everyone thinks you're dating at school, so the one-sided relation continues.

Today, you woke up extra early so you could go to school safely,
but little did you know, she was lying in wait in the hallway...


A tall and voluptuous girl that is full of one-sided love for you.
She is relentless with you, even at school, so everyone thinks the two of you are dating.

Contains handjob, bound fellatio, cowgirl reverse rape, footjob kneejob, etc.
Playback time: 1 hour 18 minutes + 6 bonus minutes

CV:Chiroru Oyama

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