Posted by : Kirazu Apr 9, 2021

Circle : Delphinapterus leucas 
Release : Apr/05/2021 
Series : フォーリー
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 175 MB

You've started working at an ad agency right out of school.
The employee in charge of your training is from the planning department you'll be entering,
and your boss is there too. Every day it's just you and two beautiful women... and thanks to
the magic of Foley sound, you'll be transported directly into this very stimulating situation...

At first it's fun being around them, and they gently tease you sometimes
and give you some pretty big jobs. But they're both interested in you in another way, too...!

When you stay after for overtime, it's no ordinary work you're expected to do.
You don't have a lot of experience with women, so two hot ladies is almost too much!
Is this how it goes at every job? Definitely not, but it looks like you hit the new recruit jackpot!

Tekuresu Co, Ltd

A small advertising agency that specializes in women's goods like cosmetics and lingerie.
Because of that, there aren't too many male employees. Unlike a lot of companies in Japan,
here the female employees are treated with respect and their ideas are valued.
The men also make the tea. Your boss in the planning division is Riona Fujinami.

Total playback: 1:13:00

CV: Honoka Yuuki
CV: Mashiro Kazahana

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