Posted by : Kirazu Apr 15, 2021

Circle : Amakara Gynecocracy 
Release : Apr/12/2021 
Series : 俺の孕ませ妻
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 320 MB


A middle-aged virgin with a massive penis is summoned to the royal court, where he is ordered to impregnate Riza, the strongest knightess captain in the kingdom.
She has no interest in marriage, but the kingdom has an interesting in passing on her powerful genes
to the next generation, and it just so happens this virgin slob has the highest compatibility with that goal.
It seems she doesn't object to baby-making, so the plan is set in motion...time for some raw sex
and pure knight corruption!

Age: 24

The strongest knightess captain in the kingdom of Alzagard.
A cool, powerful woman that is admired by all.
As she's lied only a life of training, she's under the impression she's not desirable as a woman,
and she possesses zero sexual knowledge.
She's surprisingly competitive, and hates to lose.

Playback time: 2 hours 2 minutes

CV: Chiroru Oyama

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