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Mao was a schoolgirl in the same club as you. She's a little spoiled, a little annoying, but so, so cute.
Normally she teased you and called you "senpai", but the day you graduated, she confessed that she'd
liked you for a while. She may be a handful, but she's got a gentle side, too.
And so you decide to go out with her.

"Senpai, let's go on a date!"

"Senpai, I'm embarrassed."

"I love you, senpai..."

She's very honest now that you're a couple. Everything's coming up you!

"You're such a masochist perv, senpai."

"Aren't you embarrassed being teased by your kouhai?"

Well, she is still kind of annoying... You want to make her understand that you're older than she is,
but you haven't quite hit your limit. But you did formulate a plan. If she was late to your date,
you'd make her walk around with a vibrator inside her. Ohhh, that'd be wonderful to see her eyes
filled with tears as she tries to hide the pure sensation flowing through her body...

Hmm, she's 5 minutes late already. Maybe you can put the plan into motion sooner than expected...

Mao Itou
Height: 160cm
Three sizes: B83/W58/H84
Likes: exercise, you
Dislikes: Bitter things, partiers

A sporty girl on the track team.
Her hips and thighs are toned from all the track practice, and shirts really highlight her chest.
In terms of face and body, she's one of the two hottest girls in school.
Personality-wise, she's a bit annoying and likes to tease you.
Even so, she loves you more than anyone, and is weak under pressure.
At first she's the more dominant one in your relationship, but a certain incident turns the tables.

CV: Haruru Akiyama

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