Posted by : Kirazu Apr 30, 2021

Circle : koppepan sound 
Release : Apr/24/2021 
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 538 MB
You are the master of a manor that employs many maids.
One day, you are assigned a novice maid named Luna.
It seems she was once a rough delinquent leader before getting hired.
She has no experience in romance either, but does her best to service you.
And it seems she's weak to lewd loving, so that harsh facade just melts away before you...

5 Tracks, all containing erotic content!

Luna Myoudai (CV: Narumi Aisaka)
A maid in training that's just been hired to be your personal maid.
As a former delinquent, she used to work security for the manor,
but you fell for her, and decided to turn her into your maid.

She looks fierce, but loves you, and only shows you her cute side.

Playback time: approx. 1 hour 53 minutes

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