Posted by : Kirazu May 2, 2021

Circle : Orgone Box 
Release : Jul/19/2019
Series : パラフィリア
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 378 MB

Paraphilia is a perverted world of atypical sex without love.
Enjoy exploring new sexual realms in our "Paraphilia" series.

You were summoned into the "Lewd Hell" realm by 6 succubus ladies.
You sign a contract and get completely drained by these lewd succubus girls!

Binaural Audio Product. Headphones / earphones recommended.

10 tracks total / Approx. 165 min playback

Mother Harlot CV: Ari Sakura

Hellish Astarotte CV: Aya Kuchitani

Fighting Witch Anato CV: Ritsuka Mizutani

Night Demon Lilith CV: Phan Masaki

Witch of Death Hekatia CV: Kinon

Aphrodisiac Spirit Pisca CV: Watayuki

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