Posted by : Kirazu May 3, 2021

Circle : Bear Bell 
Release : Apr/26/2021
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 321 MB

Shiho's been a little worried recently...
"I've never been able to get off on my own. Maybe my body's just not sensitive."

That's when her friend recommends her an app called Snape Bear,
and says she had a great experience with someone she met on it.

"Maybe if you meet someone special, you'll be able to cum!"

When she gets a match, the fun begins. First with foreplay, and then the main event!

"You can do whatever you want with my pussy. I don't think I'll feel anything.

Oh, how wrong she was! Listen and find out for yourself what a difference the right partner can make!

Shiho Asakura (CV: Haru Koyama)
The schoolgirl you've matched with. She's the aloof type who doesn't talk a whole lot. However, she actually loves cute things and shoujo manga. She's never been able to cum on her own, so she thinks she's just not physically sensitive.

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