Posted by : Kirazu Apr 21, 2021

Circle : monsterbox 
Release : Jan/16/2014
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 18 MB

"Fufu, what's wrong? Your voice is timid.
Does it makes you surge so hard it hurts? Does it hurt good?
Ufufu, that's right. It's going to get worse.
More. More more. You've been a bad boy. You need to be pun-ish-ttt.
Teacher's going to tease you riiiiight... here. Do you like that?"

"Do you like my ass? Does it make you horny?
Hmm? What do you think? I know what you want.
I'll give you the thing you don't dare to ask."

"Mmmnnnnn, my ass is getting hot. Rubbing your d*ck on it
makes me want to open up... it's not that I'm patheticlaly aroused like you.
Teacher is all grown up. Teacher isn't satisfied so easy. Ufufu..."

Super erotic enticing voice of naughty sensei!
16 minutes x 2 tracks = 33 total minutes
Play types are ass frottage and fellatio.

For masochist males.

CV: Kaoru Ikuta

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