Posted by : Kirazu Apr 21, 2021

Circle : Studio RefRevo 
Release : Apr/17/2021 
Series : ご奉仕メイドシリーズ
Age Ratings : X-rated
File Size : 246 MB

This is the sequel to "Sweet Baby-making with Servicing Maids ~I'll Heal You with Pleasure, Master~"
Megumi falls even deeper in love with you...

The government has assigned you a maid named Megumi.
The more she has sex with you, the more she starts to love it... and you as well!
She'll do anything you want. You'll just want her to hold you in her arms.

This time she comes to see you at night, but you're already asleep!
And things get pretty wild from there...

Megumi Kiyose (CV: Tsubame Yuzuki)

19 years old. Your government-designated maid.

She's calm and polite, but gets really fired up about sex. As she has more sex with her master,
she starts to love him even more. Soon she's asking for sex on her own and getting way into it!

She's not sure if she's serving you or just trying to feel good herself, but does it really matter?

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